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Lost Pet? Get Advice

Help! I’ve lost my pet, what should I do?

It happens to even the most careful owners, and can be a very stressful experience.

We asked around for tips to help you get reunited! Here is what we found......

  • Make sure your pet’s details are listed both in our Lost & Found section and you have registered their microchip details. Once uploaded to our lost & found section, you can also use this link to post around Social Media.
  • Contact your vet and let them know your pet is lost (also contact all the vets in your Emirate and beyond if you can). Find a list of vets HERE. Where possible, send a picture (and/or post on their facebook page).
  • Check Lost and Found sections of local websites, such as Dubizzle (see useful website links below). If you dont find them there, be sure to post as lost.
  • Create a LOST POSTER and post at your local supermarket and place where appropriate. Download our LOST PET poster HERE. Offering a reward may encourage more people to help find your pet. It's also good idea to have the content in English & Arabic.
  • As disappointing as it is that we have to recommend this – head down on a regular basis to the animal markets, especially if your pet is a pure breed. Sadly if someone finds your pet, they may take them there, not to a vet/shelter.
  • Contact all the animal shelters and welfare groups in your area. Find a list HERE.
  • Post on as many groups as possible on Facebook. We have added a list below of groups, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a local community group – be sure to post there too.
  • Contact the Dubai Municipality and visit their pound (even if you are not in Dubai as you never know someone may have picked the pet up). Call them on 04 2891114.
  • If you have lost a dog in Dubai, be sure to contact K9 Friends, they are always very helpful and can post to their many facebook fans.
  • If you live in a compound/guarded community talking to the gardeners, maids and security guards always helps (and give them a copy of your LOST POSTER), especially the gardeners who would normally go about their work in the early morning when disoriented pets could be moving around.
  • If there is someone in your community who feeds local strays, be sure to let them know about your lost pet, and also head to their feeding area to see if your pet might be taking advantage of the food.
Encouraging your pet to come home

We asked a few of our 'Animal' people what their tips for Lost pets were, and here is what they said:

  • Spread the content of the litter box used by the lost cat around the building/villa, the cat will pick up on his/her own scent very easily.
  • For dogs, leave water and an item that smells of you (and shelter) in the place you lost your pet/last saw your pet. Food may encourage other animals that may scare your dog away but most dogs return to the last place they saw their owner (apparently) and water will help them through the hot months.
  • For cats go out at dusk and dawn and sit quietly. Many cats will be close by and too nervous to even respond to their families' voices. Have some stinky food (like canned sardines) and head around quietly calling them.

We found a FAB article on PetFinder.com for further advice about lost cat behavior and what to do: read it here.


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