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Find My Pet is a FREE microchip registry dedicated to reuniting lost and found pets across the Middle East


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Vets and Shelters

Due to the number of microchip manufacturers used across the Middle East, and the use of several databases internationally – we wanted to create a local solution that would be easy for pet owners and vets alike.

Why free? We believe that at this time, the only way for a micro-chipping database to be successful in the Middle East is for it to be free. We understand this is unlike many other models worldwide, however we are happy to be different. We are about pets, not profit.

Your support is the way forward. 

In order for a micro-chipping database to work, we need all pet’s registered. We offer two forms of registry, individual pet owners and multi-registry for vets & shelters. 

We know that there are potentially 1,000’s of pets registered with your facility, and therefore we have made an easy to upload method, that only requires the microchip details – then we do the rest. 

Your client’s details are kept confidential, and should a pet be found that is listed under your facility, we will send you an alert to contact your client that their pet has been found. 

How can you be help?

Ideally, when micro-chipping an animal or speaking to clients, we would love for you to let them know about Find My Pet or even better, assist in registration. Should you have an affiliation with another database, we would love for you to speak about both, as many of these databases are international – and we are purely for the Middle East. We can provide registration cards and are available at any time to walk your team through the website.

Should you for whatever reason, not wish to promote Find My Pet, we simply request that when you find a pet with a microchip (or without as we also have a Lost & Found section with pictures) – please search our system. You don’t even need a user name and password!

What’s in it for you?

Apart from the warm and fuzzies of helping reunited pet owners, we will reward assisting vets and shelters with free advertising on our homepage. The more registered microchips linked back to your facility, the more chances to be featured as a ‘Supporting Vet/Shelter’ on our homepage.


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